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I fixed the typo in the project name, so now that link is invalid. Lower case i in video now.

I'm going to add much more once the code is cleaned up and completed, but given the current slew of new graphics drivers, I wanted to drive home a point about legality and get some info available to the general public.

I'm also behind the release of OpenPCI.

As for GPL/LGPL in OpenPCI, I don't want to encourage closed source drivers at this point in time. I think it's severely counterproductive to a tiny retrocomputing community. Once the developers are tired of the project, users are stuck with a black box they can't open.

The license of the library doesn't change the license of the already available driver SDK. You can license drivers as you wish, but I'd highly encourage GPL.

Mainly you'd want this new OpenPCI.library if you want to develop a new PCI backplane, CPU card that includes a PCI device or fix bugs in the library itself.

This gives backplane developers a quick start in that they make the library work with their hardware and in return get existing and future PCI card drivers for free.

Users get well documented hardware that can be updated without the need for the original developers help, Aros, NetBSD, etc get well documented hardware that they can support either by a variation of OpenPCI or their own APIs.

It's a win-win situation for the community as a whole IMHO.
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