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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Standard question: what does this have to do with 3.3 betas?

It is pre-OS3.9 AmigaOS limit, number of cylinders must be less than 65536. Increase surfaces value until WinUAE stops warning about "Too high cyls". (For example 15 should be fine)

Or use RDB hardfiles.

It was tested with 3.3 betas and interestingly works with 1023 or 1025MB, but not with 1024?! (or any increment of 1024?!) Not sure that you want new topic with any issues...

Why only 1024MB HD gets wrong number of cylinders??

Yep, simple change in number of surfaces lowered number of cylinders - can you make it default to higher number of number is 65536??
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