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Originally Posted by crabfists View Post

I finally tried out X-bEnCh 0.99 R7 Public Beta Release last night. What a great program. Many thanks to Jim for all his work on this.

I ran into an issue though that I haven't figured out a solution to. If I install to a brand new Workbench partition and run XBench for the first time I see the registration screen and the white Loading screen but then it dumps me back to Workbench with no errors.

Is there anything obvious I am doing wrong? Are there any dependencies on other programs or libs? Maybe I need to have Whdload installed?

I am using an unexpanded A1200 with CF and 3.0 kickstart. I also get the same problem when running from WinUAE.
If you've extracted the lha on Windows try to do it on a real Amiga. If this part is ok try to read the doc of Xbench. Xbench need some files to start up and is checking if this files are ok after the reg screen. If they are not here xbench will exit to workbench. This files are listed in the xbench guide.

Originally Posted by apex View Post
Everything fine Jim? Registration still possible? The requester is nerving.
Yes. I'm back my friend !

Originally Posted by spannernick View Post
Is there a way of loading x bench without loading Workbench,so you can get more memory..?

Mine loads Workbench then x bench.
Yes you can replace the loadwb in your startup-sequence. See the xbench doc all is explained

Originally Posted by spannernick View Post
Can you make a mod selector for it so you can play your own mods..?

Love what you have done so far,it reminds me of a crack/demo.

How much does it cost to register it..?
You can create your own mod play list with Xpl0rEr and then use it as sound playlist with the launcher (see the setup panel).

Originally Posted by gazj82 View Post
This would be a great feature. I have a list of games on the F1 menu, a list of demos on F2, a list of Mods under the F3 key would be awesome.
As like as TinyLauncher ? Select a mod in the list and play it. It's possible but absolutly not included at this time. I will work on this for a next release.

Originally Posted by spannernick View Post
How do you show the picture of the game and info at the bottom of the screen..?
Already answered this upstair

Originally Posted by spannernick View Post
Will have to register it then in the coming week. Thanks for a great WHDLoad Launcher Jim...where's Bones..

Would anyone be interested in a video of the latest version..?
For sure ! All video are welcomed.
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