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Originally Posted by Korodny View Post
Thanks for also uploading this to Aminet, but I accidentally deleted the readme file when renaming it (readme and actual upload do need to have the exact same filename, case matters).

Could you please reupload the readme? Thanks.
No matter about this. I'll upload the next public release instead of this one when it will be finished. Thanx for your post Korodny.

Originally Posted by ransom1122 View Post
Works for me I see that it has image capability. What images are supported? and is there a complete image download?
The screenshots feature allready exist in X-bEnCh but are not documented cause this feature is not finished.
If you want to make some test, you need a picture file named as this: nameoftheslave(without the .slave extension)_1.iff
This file must placed in the xb:datas/db/pix/ drawer.
For example for lemmings.slave you need a picture file in iff format named lemmings_1.iff placed as this: xb:datas/db/pix/lemmings_1.iff
The color 0 must be set to black (0,0,0) and the color 1 must be set to white (15,15,15). The file must be saved in 5bits (32colors).

You have all the key to make some try but as explained before this feature is not finished so you may encounter some strange things.

Originally Posted by thedevilbunny View Post
The new version is working great on my A1200. This is a magnificent program...I really appreciate your efforts and continual work!
Thanx for this comment

Originally Posted by Connorsdad View Post
Hi, could someone tell me how to combine 2 lists into 1 please ?

I have 2 volumes with games in, I can't find a way to have 1 list scan 2 volumes which is why I have 2 separate lists.

This feature is not actually included in X-bEnCh. But look like interesting to include this

Originally Posted by gazj82 View Post
Hmm, scrap that, seems I only have R6, must have missed the update.

Edit: installed R7 over R6 and the issue has gone
Happy to know that new release is better than previous ones ...

Originally Posted by meckert View Post
Hey, on my CDTV (1 MB Chip, 8 MB Fast, IDE68k, kick 3.1) the newest version frequently crashes with guru meditation, when I display games lists, and try to move around them. I tried changing most options, but with no effect. The same configuration (on the same CF card) works fine on WINUAE configured the same as my CDTV.

094f worked fine in that area, but had trouble updating lists.

Any tips ?
Are you using the 0.99R7 ? (The R6 was really buggy). The 0.94F R2 was a really stable release. All the release i've made since this one are pre 1.0 alpha/beta release so many things are not totally finished and a lot of bugs are still here.
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