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Cancel order for the USB serial dongle?
To be sure the USB dongle is TTL you could get this:
and you only need to connect 3 wires between it
and a 6 pin mini DIN to have a CD32 to PC serial cable.
It's the same thing used to flash Gotek drives.
Most of the USB dongles are TTL anyway,
There might be the odd one that is really the old school RS232.
Mind you, they all call themselves RS232 adapters!

If you can't solder at all, and need to use the Communicator thing
to get all the right plugs that connect together, you'd want to be
aiming for a true RS232 USB serial dongle which provides -/+ 10-12Volt signals,
and never connect that to a CD32 without the Communicator.
This is difficult again because they all call themselves RS232
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