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Hello Toni,

Found a small bug. This is a little hard to explain so you may need to test using the following games / disks yourself:

... A New Adventure - Fayoh 2 [AGA]
... Roketz [AGA]

All files are in The Zone!

Basically it's like a row of pixels jump out of alignment. Here's how you can see what I mean:

A New Adventure - Fayoh 2 [AGA]:
Start the game and jump around. If you look at the "mirrors" you can see sometimes when jumping that a row of pixels goes out of alignment. It's very evident if you go to the far bottom of the "map" and start jumping around.

Roketz [AGA]:
Start the game and crash. You will see that a row of pixels goes out of alignment near Player 1's status bar.

This was annoying me for quite a while now but I thought maybe it's just the games... I don't have a real Amiga to test on so...

I'm currently using WinUAE v3.2.2. Anyway, today I thought I'd test with an earlier version of WinUAE and see what happens. With v3.0.0 all is ok in both games. I then downloaded your latest beta and just like with v3.2.2 the issue is still there.

If you want me to I can test other versions of WinUAE to see where the issue got introduced? I image it was when you made changes to AGA display settings in order to correct Banshee [AGA] issues...

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