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Beta 13:

- HALT10 was incorrectly triggered in some configurations (b12)
- Update ExecBase.MaxLocMem (and ChkSum) if more than 2M chip RAM is configured.
- It was not possible to fully disable enabled expansion device without restart. Checkbox was unticked but device was not fully disabled.
- Copper COPJMP blitter conflict bug emulation is again disabled (Breaks Batman Vuelve / Batman Group). There is still something unknown. I did some more tests and some blitter cycle sequences do not conflict with buggy copper cycle and correctly wait one extra cycle.
- Added IVS Trumpcard Pro/GrandSlam SCSI v4.9 ROM image. Emulation not yet implemented. "Trumpcard Professional Driver 4.9 - devs/IVS_SCSIpro.driver IVSSCSI 4.9 (20 Sep 1991)"'

Variable Refresh rate updates. I finally bought G-Sync monitor, Acer Predator X34. Every emulator (any emulator!) user should get G-Sync or FreeSync hardware because variable sync has all the advantages of vsync without any vsync disadvantages!)

- Adaptive Sync renamed to Variable Sync. Adaptive Sync is name of DP variable refresh rate standard (which AMD's FreeSync is based on). "Official" generic name is Variable Refresh Rates but Variable Sync fits better with other VSync modes in GUI.
- Variable sync + black frame insertion is now supported in windowed and full-window mode. (I couldn't get G-Sync to work in normal windowed mode but it did work in full-window)
- Variable sync + black frame insertion is now supported in RTG modes.
- Black frame insertion is not enabled in variable sync mode if refresh rate would become larger than selected display refresh rate (fullscreen) or desktop refresh rate (windowed/full-window).
- Variable sync + black frame insertion and if doubled refresh rate is equal to selected/max hardware supported refresh rate: automatically reduce internal emulated refresh rate by 0.5Hz to guarantee glitch free display. (Workaround for monitors that have max refresh rate of 100Hz=PAL or 120Hz=NTSC)

Continuation and ending to offtopic PC story: returned it on monday, replacement arrived on wednesday.
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