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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Or maybe, just maybe also because nobody gave a fuck about the CPC. After all, it was mainly a "thing" in France, and a little in Spain. That's a pretty small market compared to the C64 which had world wide reach. I think it was "good enough" that you got any games for CPC at all.
It's not that they gave a fuck, it's mostly than you can't properly make a game in three months.

the CPC market was 3 millions of machines (sold). The english choosed to make c64 and spectrum ports on CPC, when it was in fact the machine with the most potential, and the latest coming on the market.

The french, and finally the english people at a moment just stopped to underuse the CPC, and finally did the right thing : using the 16 bits assets of their games to convert more accurately than from the 8 bits like the C64 and spectrum, which brought nothing more to the story.

The french companies understood quite rapidly that it was a nonsense to convert from the older 8 bits, and that the CPC could have 16 bits like games thanks to the amiga and atari ST, meaning more 0 with good colors and correct animations, or mode 1 graphics, accurate to the 16 bits version (ex: Iron Lord, one of the jewels of this machine.).

I remember also when the CPC was 1 or 2 years old, the english coders got the extremely regrettable idea to make ports from the C64 assets on CPC.

Those games are the most ugliest the earth ever carried, horrible schemes of colors that even a blind person would not dare to make. The CPC really give all its flavors when the assets were ported from superior machines, and not from oldest and oldish machines.

Stormlord graphics for CPC were done on an atari ST, hence the splendid color palette, as exolon, as Turrican 2, and countless others games.

You see, if i want to get perfect graphics from shinobi, i won't use the c64 graphics. I would use instead the Amiga assets, otherwise the result would awful.

PS : talking about Shinobi, i have found the way to extract all the graphics for sprites used on the sega system 16 A/B hehe
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