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Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
Retrogamer used to (they still might, but not reading it for a while now) make comparison test and decide what version was 'better' among same level computers/consoles, and IIRC only once I saw CPC version be better...

Mostly had to do with bad scrolling and poorly made ports...
Yes, because they had to make the ports most of the time on multiple platforms. If the deadline is 9 months, how do you want to fork out a correct CPC version back in the day, if the coder spent already 6 months on the C64 version ? Only a 3 months joke just to disgust the users ? I'm sorry, but when you're professional, you do the job correctly and from A to Z.

Let me guess why the development was longer on the C64/spectrum.... because it's not so easy at all to make a tons of tricks, effects even in hardware on this and this machines That's the reason !
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