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Akira, you are not the only one. I had high hopes too. Had two 6128's and one 464. On one 6128 I did a 3.5" drive replacement just so I would be able to transfer stuff more conveniently. The 464 had ram enhancement, 5.25" drive, Eprom board and whatnot. Played every game that was mentioned as "good" on cpc plus hundreds more. Watched the demos... basically tried to like the machine and the stuff on it, but it just wasn't to be. There were no really good games, nothing that was better than stuff on C64 or even ZX... it was just poor. And I really wanted to like it too. In the end the Bat-Man demo is the only good thing on the CPC and even that gets old quickly and I like most top C64 more ... much more. Of the games the isometric 3d adventures have two more colours than ZX Spectrum versions so that has to count for something, but it really doesn't since they are poorly (randomly?) chosen... I still like those better on ZX. So I came to the same conclusion as you... it just is NOT worth it and I sold the lot (for quite a good sum of money too ).
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