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Originally Posted by RetroMan View Post
Ok, here it is, as Akira wished
And that's been a while! The CPC is a machine I always wanted to love because it seemed interesting, especially after watching that Batman Forever demo. I had a GX4000 for about 5 months now, and after trying every game I could, both of the Plus and regular types, I gave up. It's really just pretty awful. I had a 6128 before that but only used it to watch Batman Forever and I also went out of my way to modify that one with some pretty sweet stuff, and then sold it.

To make matters worse, Relentless looks all choppy on my GX4000. Does it scroll using interlacing or something? It's really odd and impossible to watch. Not that it's such a great game anyway, gets tedious it seems ,but it looked really cool on Youtube videos.

And here ends my sad journey with Amstrad CPCs, after all these years of trying to give it a chance. At least as a games unit, it's really poor. The graphics are sub-par (and usually look like Spectrum shovelware not taking any advantage of the improved palette), the sound is horrid, and although the Plus line looks like it could have had a bunch of cool stuff running on it, it was sadly not taken advantage of much and died a quick death.
I feel like most of the CPC love is nostalgia-driven and I don't share this nostalgia since I didn't grow up with one, so it's time to focus on something else. You can't judge a platform, sadly, on its potential. You have to enjoy it with the things that ARE actually out there and not the "things that could have been made".

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