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Well, yes the CPC is really talented for demos (but not only). The CPC had back in the day the same problem as the amiga : because coders were focused on other machines, it was lacking proper and correct support.

The CPC can do hardware scrolls natively, a thing that the ST doesn't do naturally at all, i still don't understand to that day the fact that some people loved the ST in England, while the CPC was not and had this image of a crap machine, when it had really a good potential, without minimizing its weakness.

The Amiga suffered the same problem, until the ST got out of the map, our machine had to cope with half bastardized engines, ST compatibles !

Because even if the game companies were there to make money, honestly, the coders were most of the time passionate people, with a passion for a specific machine.

This let to stupidities the best example to me is the Crack Down from US Gold.
8 or 9 months to make the ST version (including some "fight" with sega about the access to the assets on the sega system 24, a lot of time lost for that, and next fighting to make such a big game running and working on ST, just to see what ? the coder spent 3 months to make the amiga version, remove some graphics, and finally botched up completely the game master, hence the correcting brought by my colleagues in the IPF.

In the same vein, Forgotten worlds from the same team lacks on computers 1 level.
Why ? Simply because the ST just could not fork out the egyptian level, full of huge sprites !

How many software massacred due to this ?

If this can explain a bit the way i think.....
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