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Originally Posted by mfilos View Post
Haha this pic from Google has some black rectangle under the left door that sux. I photoshoped it before putting it
I don't know what rectangle you say, but the author made it this way:

Edit: Supaduper you've "lost" the bin. If you haven't moved it to the disabled drawer (the GlobalTrash), then just make a left-then-right click on screen and select Icons, Reset.
Also as I said, right click on the repeated icons -like DirectoryOpus- and select "Put Away". Move the rest of icons where you want them, left-then-right click on them and select "Snapshot". Also move to AmiKit:WBStartup/Disabled the "LittleClock" that you've got in AmiKit:WBStartup (or in WBStartup/Enabled) and move also BDWatch and BDSlide from WBStartup/Disabled to Enabled if you use WBStartup++ or to WBStartup if not. Just a guess.
Also for AmiDock, if you want it to be transparent, make a left-right click on its top, "Edit configuration" and then select as images the same one that you are using as wallpaper (in "Dragbar" and "IconArea").

To take screenshots you can make a left click on the AmiKit logo in the top bar and in Applications open SGrab to make a png image for example.

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