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According to a Hungarian forum (I guess it is the same mentioned above), the 'full' version card had to be re-designed because the 'guy' was incapable of fitting all the features to the chosen FPGA. So he switched to another one, but only started with it about five months ago, although this process will probably not take more time than it took with the first FPGA, which failed ultimately. One of the last posts mention that there is an option to switch to the 'lite' version and get the difference transferred back or wait till the 'full' version is completed. It also says the guy is surely working on it, but he is kind of a full-time geek who has a fear of confronatation, that is why it seems he just scammed everyone and got away with their money.
Well, that is at least what they said on that forum, I myself don't know anything about this, just translated.
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