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Originally posted by Frederic
America is a land that is owened by images, and not much substance, at least for the masses. This is true in respect to all cultures and nations, but we have made an eacting science of it.
So what CBM did was to launch Amiga with some fanfare, with Andy Warhol and some cool commercials.
Good, they followed the path taken by the other big boys.
Then,they let it slide. The marketing was unaggresive, the commercials uninsiring, even though it was the best computer available anywhere.

I remember as a teen playing on a freind's Atari St and saying that the sound was crap compared to another freind's Amiga 500.

I'll never forget this:

"You fuggin shithead, Amiga's a European computer, we godda support Atari it's American."

I thought he was correct, until a freind told me CBM was an American company!

Image man, image.
Well said Frederic
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