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Well just to throw my 2 cents in here. From someone that was in the heart of the gaming culture when it was hitting hard in the us. I had a Atari 2600 early on. When I went over to the C64 I just loved it. Plus one of the big things that I liked most was the ability to save to disk. I made sports team, played RPG's and couldnt do any of that on the 2600. When I decided to start looking at the Amiga was when I started to notice the better games coming out were on the amiga. More and more reviews and previews were for the amiga so I started looking into it. It wasnt because of any other advertising because I never saw any. The NES was out but I just didnt seem to have any interest in it. Thats what the little brother was playing. Then I started to notice that the c64 section at most game stores was shrinking and shrinking. Another wonderful thing about the US market is when something starts to go it disapears quickly. So I decided to get an A500 Had to take out a loan at the time and I belive I was 17 at the time so the folks co-signed for it. Got the 500, the 1084s monitor, modem and Earl Weaver Baseball and Ferrari Formula One. Those 2 games alone made me want to get an amiga. Picked up Wayne Gretazky Hockey that night at a babbages and was set for awhile. Soon thought the same thing happened to the amiga market as did the C64, just sooner. Same selection at the game stores then eventually nothing. Had to find a amiga only store and most of the time they priced everything in the $60 range. I always prefered the amiga and thank god for emulation. I eventually bought a 386 pc and the games were garbage compared to the amiga games. Pluse they didnt make it as easy as the 500 to have sound and controller inputs. I wish the amiga would have done better and I supported it here unitl the last store closed. If I remember right the last store just over the river in kentucky closed in the last 90's.
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