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(very slow reply)

Not sure if this is really a glitch, i tried backwards until Winuae 3. Anyway, i always missed to capture the glitches in question, so the most close pic is this here (where the part with the text are not "normal" disappearing but instead in a strange way is vanishing, and a bit earlier some strange big glitch at the bottom is visible in Winuae 3.2.2 and 3.3.0 beta's)
Do you mean the last line before border color? It has random black gaps and flickers on real A500 too.

And also just to be sure with Quickstart A500 1.3 Rom OCS with 512 KB Chip and 512KB Slow - where also another glitch appeared (not sure which one of that 2 configs is the right one for the demo )
It is random sprite garbage, visible only if OCS Agnus. So I guess it is ECS only, at least accidentally
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