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Thanks Toni, i shall now leave sprites off in confidence when running banshee, it must be worth a wee speed boost, every little bit helps !.

Info re rawinput explains why other emus can lag so much, ive always found winuae to be more responsive to usb gamepads than, say, mame, which i have not used in years cos as a fan of old style vertical shootemups i found a bit of lag, but mame was better than other emus ( except winuae ) when it came to joystick lag, some emus are really laggy.
Methinks, after reading your info, that it might be worth revisiting mame and tinkering with all that buffering stuff !.

ps, soz for posting link to the tablet i have, did not realise that links may be frowned upon ( although the link still works if copy/pasted, despite the emoticon over a bit of it ! )
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