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GogoPogo Update

This is more of a 'teaser update' than a full update, but I thought I'd let anyone who's interested know what has been going on.

Development stalled a bit due to me not being able to get the game to do what I wanted, work commitments and the arrival of our second daughter! However, a couple of people pinged me to ask if the game was nearing completion, so I dragged out the old code and started going through it again.

I've completely re-written the code, re-done the palette and re-mapped the levels to overcome my coding limitations with respect to having huge, scrollable levels. Rather than spend ages perfecting a new scrolling technique (which I hadn't managed to get working up until yet) I just decided to be clever with level design and implementation. So, each level consists of 4 zones, plus an end-of-level baddie! So far I'm putting the finishing touches to the first zone of the first level, in order to test the engine fully before adding the remaining zones.

Title screen and music are done.
Level title screen is done
Level 1 (Street) graphics re-drawn
Other levels planned: Train, Forest, Castle

I've moved development from my A1200T to my A600, as the A1200T was causing issues when creating the music in SoundTracker. The upside is that I get a better idea of how stuff runs on a lower-spec machine.

I'll endeavour to get a playable level out as soon as I can
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