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Originally Posted by DesktopDynamite View Post
Ok since I discovered classicwb 68k version, it satisfied my needs , thanks Zetro

So as to recap, between AG launch, tinylauncher, other front-end launchers for AG launch the least RAM hungry for launching games?

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I will be honest I am unsure what resources Tiny Launcher uses - I suspect that it would be small as it was designed for limited environments - sadly how small I don't know - gibs would know - to find out more have a read here (tiny launcher 2.1)

From what I have seen of the software it will use a minimum of 245KBytes to load + working space so pending how it is coded I suspect an optimal usage of about 260kb to 360kb all in, but Gibs would know better.

AG-Launch is different is it only loads what it needs by category, so on average I suspect that AG-Launch will use about 200k to give you instant access over 27 rendered files that allows you to load any one of over 2,700 games within two mouse clicks.

AG-Launch only uses about 20k of real CHIP memory should any FAST RAM be available, even if its just 1MB.

I hope that helps.
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