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Originally Posted by tand View Post
set sprite collisions to none ( but not sure if this will affect gameplay ?, does not seem to so far, but wondering if set to none then will some later enemys/bosses not collide/shoot player etc ? ), not sure if this increases speed, will need to experiment, how to get onscreen fps counter ?
I don't think there are any sprite game objects in Banshee.

wonder why winuae joystick lag is much better than other emus ?
Most likely reason is use of usb hid rawinput (not just easy to use mouse/keyboard rawinput but rawinput that also supports all USB game controllers) and winuae also handles input events multiple times per frame, not just once per frame.

EDIT: It is also possible some emulators select too much display buffering (especially triple buffering) which practically only increases latency.

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