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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Error. Wrong Atom generation.

Bay Trail Atoms (used in most Windows 10 tablets) are totally different (=much much much faster) than old crappy Atoms.
This is correct, the atom in the tablet im using, which i got from argos---$ja=tsid:59158|cid:200223050|agid:12488287490|tidla-162345958130|crid:66128552450|nw:g|rnd:9642045426042772171|dvc:c|adp:1o5&gclid=CO3tltnO0MwCFckaGwodtRoEkw

is pretty sweet at miggy emulation, the A500 is full speed, and AGA is nearly full speed.
The only other emu i tried on this tablet is final burn, obviously runs full speed but unlike winuae the tablets built in joystick/gamepad lag pretty badly therebye spoiling the games, but in winuae ( the sole reason for me getting the tablet, that and the inbuilt joysticks ) the joystick lag is much much less, therebye making the games almost as good as on a real miggy.

wonder why winuae joystick lag is much better than other emus ?

winuae is the only emu im gonna use on this tablet, cos, like most tablets with hardwired gamepads/joysticks, emus seem to lag badly, that is probably down to the physical controls on such tablets, theres always a game destroying lag in non analog games, ie, emus,

but for some reason winuaes lag is much better, maybe it recognizes the physical controls in a better way, but the upshot is that miggy on this tablet is the best 'handheld' miggy ive ever used, cos controls are everything.

ps, if anyone has a good recommendation for handheld miggy gaming i would love to hear them, bearing in mind that a great inbuilt dpad/joystick is important.
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