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Great to hear that you can now test it yourself so we can benefit from it. And a nice monitor, although it does have fewer pixel than 3240x1920 you stated.

So the version you tested here and made to work with black frame insertion @ 49 Hz is no different from the previous one I tested? It should be fine with full 50 Hz in my case since my panel goes to 120 Hz with overclocking disabled.

So if you don't get weird artifacts with flickering at low fps like I do after using WinUAE with G-Sync, then perhaps my ASUS monitor is faulty somehow. Are you using the most recent Nvidia driver, and with which gfx card (I have a 760)?

It would be very nice if it was possible for software to force the backlight on and off, which would make it possible to do proper black frame insertion aka ULMB combined with G-Sync. My monitor can also do ULMB, but not together with G-Sync but I have not tested which one gives the best end result.
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