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Ok, I now have Acer Predator X34 (3440x1440 100Hz G-Sync. No ULMB/Lightboost but also no more annoying and stupid NVidia Surround issues and 100Hz is just enough for PAL emulation with black frame insertion)

Without black frame insertion G-Sync seems to work very nicely. With black frame insertion it has odd random flicker/"out of sync" updates. Not sure why yet..

G-Sync (or FreeSync, I guess) really is perfect for emulators. Very low input lag, no tearing, no doubled or missed frames.

Only remaining problem is LCD "sample and hold" blur/ghosting that is too visible in low refresh rates (50Hz/60Hz) but perhaps it will be solved with some future G-Sync/FreeSync + ULMB/Lightboost combo mode. Hopefully.. (Black frame insertion does partially solve it but there is too much flicker..)

EDIT: flickering/blank frame was caused by too high refresh rate, it seems display keeps showing same frame if rate exceeds 100Hz even by tiny amount (I need to tweak timing a bit to fix it). Forcing 49Hz (Using display panel FPS Adj) fixed it 100%. Perfect smooth black frame insertion! Yes, even FPS Adj. works perfectly with Variable sync mode, can have vsync like mode with any refresh rate that monitor supports (30Hz to max).

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