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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Vampire is not a real 68k CPU, and the hobbyist-way that the "team" approaches this task does not indicate that it will ever come close to a real 68k CPU. As much as I'd hope that FPGAs will some day be able to replace the ever-shrinking supply of 68k CPUs, Vampire takes the wrong approach (try&error simply doesn't work on this kind of task).
Ok. its not a REAL 68k, but thats just semantics. If it walks like a duck...
I dont see whats wrong with their "hobbyist-way" to do things. They sure deliver dont they? They also have a rapid release cycle fixing bugs and improvements.

I understand why you would take that approach to the vampire. Easy to say its not a real cpu so i dont support or care about it. In the end it sure is real amiga hardware regardless of how you look at it..
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