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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Vampire is not a real 68k CPU
It also doesn't work on the ACA620, so I don't see any reason to put blame on the Apollo core. The background for my thought was that the Apollo core should be safe in regards to self-modifying code written for 68000 while a genuine 020 is not, if this was why there could be an issue. Although system-friendly code should not use those tricks, you sometimes get surprised what people have done, particularly in remains of old legacy code.

And yes, my USB Ethernet adapter comprises an ASIX chip, or at least it identifies as such as I haven't opened it to check.

Am using a 3c589 PCMCIA card atm, and it runs stable so far, so it is a workable solution since I can then use a USB card reader with RR instead of through the PCMCIA. I have not had issues with other USB devices besides the Ethernet adapter.
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