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Enhancer Software OS3

For the last few days of work, our developer, after many hours of hard work has succeeded in converting the ProgressBar Gadget Class from the Enhancer Software OS4 version to the forthcoming OS3 version

8-bit support had to be added and as a result, the code can also be reused in the OS4 version for rare occasions when 8-bit screens are used.

Next to update our Format command to remove support for the old FuelGauge.gadget and add the new ProgressBar.gadget.

The Enhancer Software for OS3 is 4-6 months behind the OS4 version but things are starting to progress now.

We have already ported a new program called RequestChooser, which is an advanced replacement for the old RequestChoice. It supports images and header/footer text as well as scrollable text body. We have used it in the EULA on the Enhancer Software Install. Here is an image of it taken from the OS3 version (screenshot taken from my A1200):

Here is a nice picture of OS3 version of ClipViewer running on my Amiga 1200 which is also a part of the Enhancer Software:

New Information Window Class for OS3:

The brand new tickbox.gadget for OS3 that replaces the old checkbox.gadget in our projects:

New Select Gadget work nearly completed for Enhancer Software OS3:

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