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I've purchased 5 or 6 handhelds over the past 5 years that came out of Shenzhen.
None were worth the money spent.
Quality was most definitely an afterthought on all of those units, from D-pads that were flimsily attached to the PCB and without strain relief, to shitty charging systems that needed the unit to be on in order to charge the battery, to craptastic third party app stores.
The only two handheld devices I purchased that were worth the money, were the NVidia Shield portable, and the OpenPandora.
I was drooling as I initially looked at the GPD WIN page, but unfortunately, coming out of Shenzhen, I will take a pass on it for 6 months after its release and see how well the hardware fares. At least they can't murder the software side of it, since its running Win10 with an Intel processor.
Edit: And yes, I'll probably end up getting a pyra if my Pandora dies.
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