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Originally Posted by DarrenHD View Post
Yes, using uaegfx. But using a hardfile. And (shhhh) newer OS4.1 components as I'm an OS4.1 Beta tester.

Not your problem but I'd love to see Radeon 9xxx emulation so we could have full hardware compositing. I didn't try yet Cybervision PPC emulation to see if Warp3D works. I was using PicassoIV before and now uaegfx.
The only issue I'm having is that I'm sometimes losing the mouse pointer. I know the emulation is still running because I can blindly click into the WinUAE window and then see stuff getting pressed, but there is no visible mouse pointer. I'm running WinUAE in a window and I will lose the mouse pointer usually after clicking out of (by pressing mouse scroll wheel) the WinUAE window then back in. You have to do this two or three times before you can (potentially) lose it. I know you had mentioned something about this perhaps in another thread so I will try to find it before posting any logs, unless you want logs now.
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