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Me either, hence the question I might have to set up an entirely separate machine where I can do that without fear of cocking something else up.

Toni: to answer the question about what the RTC should be set to I *think* (obviously without massive amounts of thought on the issue) that if you press Save in the time prefs, then the RTC should set to what you saved. Then next emulation session it should pull the time from the host again.

The weakness there of course is in a real Amiga the time would save and stay in line with what you set it to across sessions, but I think that's less odd behaviour than the Save dialog apparently working yet not doing anything in the background.

All that said. Appreciate it's incredibly minor, a decision I presume you already made and I appreciate enormously everything you do, so this is not any kind of complaint on my part!!

<edit> in fact, it could maintain the offset from the host clock. Hmmm not perfect either. I dunno
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