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Want a clock, but want to set it manually

OK I am aware this is very niche, but I'm trying to emulate some software which only works (properly) when it's April 1st or December 13th.

So I've modified the startup-sequence so the time preferences pop first. I'm able to change - and save - the date as April 1st

However as soon as the software runs, it's back to the current time and date.

If I disable the RTC in winUAE prefs, it's January 1970 and the save button is greyed in the prefs.

Anyone know/hazard a guess if this is a WinUAE thing? I presume it must keep syncing the clock to the PC on a regular basis as no other combination of things happening in the background make sense.

Any way to disable the repeated sync yet keep a RTC in the emulated machine?

My Google skills are failing me on this one, keep getting told what time it is in Dubai..... I'll carry on and follow myself up if I get a result...
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