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Im playing with the registers of rr just for fun.

base  equ $00EA0000 ;address of xSurf100
        lea base,a0
        move.w $4801(a0),d0 ;read INT status of isp1763a
Running this will cause IRQ to shut down as expected. Poseidon goes haywire and alot of nak timeouts. Restarting the device in poseidon and usb is up and running again.

Now comes my question to confrm im getting this right. Reading this register while usb is running results in %0000 in d0. While usb not running i get %0010.

The status of the INT line of the isp1763a chip can always be checked by reading bit 1 of X-Surf-100 register offset 0x4800. Note that this is a word-wide register, so bit 1 is actually located in address 0x4801.
When saying bit 1. You start counting from 0 right? So this will be bit 1 set -> %0010?

Sorry for thread noise and noob question..
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