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It's a niche device, and as such is priced pretty low. A smartphone can't do what this can do, the way that it does it. Simple.

You can carry a phone around with you - but you'll need a bluetooth keyboard and game controller as well, so pocketability is gone. You can run linux on your phone, but choosing your favorite distro is not likely.

Whereas the Pyra can do all of that - and has an upgradeable CPU daughterboard should you want to go x86 in the future. Over a terabyte of storage possible. 4G modem built-in (in the higher tier). 4GB of RAM, which is insane for an ARM/Linux machine.

And don't forget that this is the Pandora community behind it. Ports of previously x86-only games such as Starcraft and Diablo 1/2 have been reverse engineered for ARM. UAE4ALL/UAE4ARM have their homes there. Every emulator, game, productivity tool you can think of has been ported and it's still going.

It's a complete Linux PC in your pocket. You just can't get that anywhere else.

(though the GPD WIN is also on the way, which might tempt those of you that prefer Windows 10 in a handheld form).

It's worth the asking price, if you're part of the target niche. If all you want are emulators then you're not really in the market for something this powerful.
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