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Spanish text adventure gets an Amiga port

So, if you happen to be:

-a fluent reader in spanish
-an enthusiast of good old text adventures in the Infocom-Magnetic Scrolls-Level 9 style
-an Amiga fan

... then this post means great news for you!

"El Cetro del Sol" a 2015 text adventure by my friend Toni Pera has just been released in its Amiga form. People could take a peek at it last weekend at the Retrocomputing event "RetrĂ³polis" held at Valencia and we have made its download available today, right in time to the "Explora Commodore" event which is happening right now in Barcelona

The game has been written with the DAAD, the multiplatform tool designed for internal use at "Aventuras AD", the spanish company focused in text adventure games in the late 80's-early 90's, which has been used with the kind permission of Mr. Andrés Samudio, CEO of the company and enthusiast and driving force of the text adventure genre in spanish language during the 8/16 bits era. You can take a look at Aventuras AD classic works in the Hall of Light --> HERE

In this game you play as Alejandro Nunez, whose search of an ancient treasure gets him lost in the south american jungle.

Amiga and 16 bits versions of the game just differ from their 8 bit counterparts in the use of digitised pictures instead of vector graphics. Pics are taken from photos of my travels around the Mayan Riviera in 2006.

To play the game just load the adf file into your favourite miggy emulator, or plug the disk into the real machine, and let it boot!

You can get the game at:

-The Zone
-Aminet --> HERE
-Its web site --> HERE, check the DESCARGAS (downloads) link


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