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How to run Banshee AGA full speed ?

hi all,
using winuae 3220 on atom x5-z8300 ( quad core 1.44 ghz - 1.8 ghz ), 2gb ram, win 10 home, 32bit operating system

running a500 stuff fine, even with cycle exact.

BUT trying to get banshee aga running at good speed, im pretty sure the atom x5-z8300 is up to it ?
ive messed about with the settings but still get stuttery scratchy sound and approx 20 percent slower than real miggy, in places maybe 10 percent, in other places 30 percent ( near end of level one where it starts raining )

im no expert re the settings panel, can anyone recommend ideal settings, or post a config for this game, that would be great, cheers.
i just need a wee bit extra speed, hopefully that is possible by tinkering with the many settings availiable.

also, i must be missing a correct setting somewhere cos ingame, after using the roll button once ( roll is like an ingame smart bomb, but in this case the player gets a set number of rolls, and is invincible whilst doing them ) the button from then on does not register, despite still having rolls availiable, WEIRD !.

i enclose the config im currently using ( ive tried d3d, and i think direct draw, but can not seem to get direct draw to stick ? )
addendum, seems i can not post my config yet, i need more posts
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