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Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
LOL, I knew this sounds familiar...

Check this topic:

Change CPU % in advanced power settings should fix your problem.
No, it was a good try, but that isn't the case now. Windows evergy saving is set to "High Performance" and the CPU in advanced power settings is set to 30% for battery, and 100% for AC, and I have tested it in AC power mainly.

I know that JIT does have different factors for getting the best performance of it than the "interpreted" WinUAE 68k emulation, but the difference between interpreted and JIT I think is "abismal" because the JIT needs far greater resources than the interpreter, yesterday I was playing with WinUAE without JIT and the performance was good even with "Power saver" mode. So I think it should not be a configuration/hardware problem.
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