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Originally Posted by mfilos View Post
There is no CheckVampire but VampireTool.
WinUAE doesn't need a Picasso96Settings file in Devs but needs uaegfx under Devs:Monitors.

You have 2 options actually:
    You rename file Picasso96Settings to Picasso96Settings_SAGA. Then you change tooltypes of SAGA monitor file to use the new name. You move SAGA monitor files in Storage/Monitors instead and you're set. Every time you have to manually run the monitor file of choice and you'll be set
    This method requires VampireTool in C:
    You also rename Picasso96Settings to Picasso96Settings_SAGA. Both monitor files (SAGA and UAEGFX) can stay in Storage.
    From Startup-Sequence you run VampireTool to Detect Vampire or Not so now if detected you can copy SAGA from storage/monitors to devs/monitors.
    If not detected you can copy UAEGFX etc.
Thanx a lot mfilos, I'll try that
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