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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
You seem to have powerful enough computers, why do you use JIT ? JIT was made from the start when we had computers not fast enough.
Its a good idea, thanks. Actually this is what I am doing right now all these times I can't use JIT. Anyway I want to help Toni if possible. I also thought that the JIT could decrease the CPU usage, and help the laptop to save energy, but I think I am wrong.

@Toni: These are the numbers I got now. All tests are done on Workbench, with a 256 color screen. I guarantee to you that while with a 16 color screen is faster, it's not very different.

b25 continuous graphics update (I was scrolling Workbench windows and with a MOD playing in DeliTracker): snd -40ms, cpu 115%, fps 42
b25 idle (without DeliTracker): snd 22ms, cpu 90%, fps 49/50 (*)
b25 reading drawers (without DeliTracker): snd 15ms, cpu 72%, fps 49/50

b24 continuous graphics update: snd 0ms cpu 80% fps 49/50
b24 idle: 2ms cpu 64% fps 50
b24 reading drawers: snd 2ms cpu 80% fps 49/50

(*) What is interesting is that when b25 is idle and the sound buffer gets empty at 25% positive, the CPU usage increases, in opposite to decrease.
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