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Hi All,

Phew, Where to begin, there has been a lot of new developments during the course of the last few days and i think you will like them.

- Lets start off with the SD card functionality, it is now working and speeds are in excess of 3.4MB/s (That is Megabytes, not bits) and you can set what format you want to use whether it be fat95 (ideal for copying files to and from your PC) or the other popular formats. Most SD cards appear to be compatible, some cards may be slower but they are cheap and you can spend a couple $$ etc to get a class 10 (apparently sandisk not too good, but we need to verify this)

Here is a (quite long) video of setting up a 128GB SD card in OS3.9)..
a great tutorial...

- Next up is the completed SFS bugfix which is for those people having issues with the drives.

- Next up the next core will have support for large drive partitions

and next, the big one i think people are waiting for...

Programmable screen resolutions which can be also modified by the end user so people should be able to find something that works for them. Video links are at the bottom. The new core should be released soon, we are just doing a little more testing, there has also been a few more speed tweaks and also a little reworking of instructions to make them that little bit faster.

I am going to paste Flypes post here......

Great news here !
If all goes well, next core release will have the so awaited screen changing resolution feature

Last week-end, we in team tested the feature. This is very promising as it has been validated in many different resolutions.

You can see a early video of the feature testing here :

[ Show youtube player ]

These are early tests, driver will need to be updated, which should not be long wait.

Basically, the core supports any 'consistent' resolution, in all depths. It is just a matter of defining new screen definitions in SYS:Prefs/Picasso96Mode.

We at the moment successfully tested these resolutions, in any depth :

- 640x480@60Hz
- 800x600@60Hz
- 848x480@60Hz
- 960x540@60Hz
- 1024x600@60Hz
- 1024x768@50Hz
- 1120x832@50Hz
- 1152x900@50Hz
- 1280x720@24Hz
- 1280x1024@24Hz

The screen resolution functionality has been cleaned up a little more so it will be the easiest and most efficient display adapter available for your Vampire equipped Amiga. Due to the fact that the Vampire uses CPU power to provide HDMI output you would think it drains the CPU power but tests are showing (using the minibench) that at high Res there are still 90MIPS free for the CPU to perform other tasks. Please remember that sysinfo is not a very good tool for measuring 68040 CPu etc

For those that want to read the full progress reports please head over to if you have questions or want to contribute etc please join the IRC channel (shown in forum)

And finally, i would like to leave you with this picture....

Merry Xmas!
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