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WinUAE sound issue

This is my first post on the board, so I'd just like to say a good evening to everyone. Im a long time A1200/short time WinUAE user, so my question may be just my lack of knowledge on the latter, but here goes...

My issue is with laggy sound running WinUAE with WHD files from HyperSpin/RocketLauncher (resulting in slow running of the emulator). At first I went down the route of lowering sound settings in the WinUAE interface and that improved things. But while I was changing and testing settings I accidentally noticed that just doing a restart and start (with no interface changes) improved the sound from being laggy and crackly, to clear. Why would a restart and start clear the problem? Ideally Id like to run WinUAE from HyperSpin avoiding access to the WinUAE interface (basically to make access to games friendlier for the rest of my family).

I took a look at the RocketLauncher log file to see the command line parameters being used, removed the irrelevant ones, and got it down to the WHD loading options (with no gui). For example

winuae.exe s use_gui=false s filesystem=rw,WHD:E:\Gaming\HyperSpin\Emulators\WinUAE 3.1\HDD\WHD s filesystem=ro,Games:E:\Gaming\ROMs\Commodore Amiga\

(Im using WinUAE 3.2.2, I copied it into the 3.1 directory).

Trying the above from a cmd command line (outside of RocketLauncher) shows the same effect (laggy sound, F12, restart, start, clear sound and good emulation).

Ive attached logs (the winuaelog file shows the buffer underflow before the restart) and my default config file, but if anything else would be helpful let me know.

Any suggestions are welcome, and might just save some of my hair! Cheers.
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