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Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
not booting from SD, i just updated my SD card drivers and am getting 3,276,800 MB/sec now
This is quite a tasty speed

Interestingly here are some tests I have here

(Native IDE Tests)
2.1 Megabytes per second ( A1200 060@80MHz 64MB RAM )
3.1 Megabytes per second ( A600 Vampire V2 Silver Core 2 128MB RAM )
1.6 Megabytes per second ( A1200 030@50Mhz 64MB RAM )

3.2MB per sec - thats really tasty - and damn close to real through put of an "IDE Fix Express" adaptor - I am really excited to see the SD CARD being able to be booted from - thats a nice treat right there!
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