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v1.6 works perfectly fine for me in emulation and on my real Amiga 1200+ACA 1230. Well at least no graphics bugs in the intro. I've played it roughly 30 minutes in game a few month ago. In emulation: Make you sure you use a proper quickstart config (compatibility slider most left too) that matches the real hardware.

edit: But it looks like there are other problems with the v1.6 patch. I'm sure Stingray will release a v1.7 at some point.

edit2: And according to Stingray for preload you need more than 10 MB fast ram.

Your machine doesn't have enough fast memory, the patch requires 5MB fast without preload! And if preload is used it needs even more so when you run the patch from a fully loaded Workbench you won't have enough memory on a 10MB fast machine. Not a bug at all hence closed.
So either try the JST version Sandro linked above or Install an ADF or IPF image (original disks) version of the game. The latter needs of course the manual for the protection check.

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