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That's a smart thing to have anticipated and handled in the code, and I wasn't aware of it. Other emulators would do well to do the same. It does make me wonder one thing though. Years ago I installed a hard drive on my A500 and partitioned it into several logical drives, and I seem to recall having had to specify entries in my mountlist that indicated the number of sectors, the block size, and the beginning and ending cylinder/track numbers. The partition size could be easily calculated by taking the number of sectors times the block size, and then multiplying again by the number of cylinders/tracks. This worked because each track always had the same number of sectors as any other track. With an emulated hardfile though, the final track may have less sectors than all the others though, if the total size is not a multiple of the number of sectors times the block size. Not knowing how the Amiga file system determines how many total blocks it has available for use on a hardfile, could this be a problem, or can it handle such partial tracks?
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