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Originally Posted by kamelito View Post

There's one music for the loading screen 15", and at 10'35 (or 22'22) there's another for game over. Then at 22'58 you've the high score music.
[ Show youtube player ]
Another one at 6'22 at

Another one I suppose when you finish the game but I didn't find any ending for Atari ST.
Here's the C64 one at 9'33 at [ Show youtube player ]

Not sure it is what you ask as I didn't read the all thread.

Thanks for that

Found a place for two of the tunes, and unless I can get an Amiga version of the title music then I can use one of the ADR ones instead, although its a bit short.

Anyone up for it? Title music i'm, referring to is from the ST version whilst the Starquake titlescreen is up. [ Show youtube player ]
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