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Originally Posted by arti View Post
thanks for finding bugs,

In readme I should mention that for yt external program - ffplay, is needed to be copied into C:.

Again bug.
From V3.3 wallget is default download manger, because it has many features and nice MUI gui.
It requires download profile. Simply copy netsurf/env/wallget folder into SYS:Prefs/Env-archive and reset.
But, if you prefer previous manager - httpresume , select it from Prefs , tab Other and choose netsurf/c/httpresume.

Yes, I'm Arthur.
thanks Arthur for your reply

I have ffplay version 0.91 in c dir, which version are you using or which one is the latest?
yet youtube videos don't work here , there is a black screen in the place of the video, seems is loading or caching but nothing happens, however the browser do not crash I can go back or go to any other site

also the part where ppl make comments for each video in youtube it doesn't popup, says loading but nothing happens

on the other way downloading files still don't work here even using httpresume, I was trying downloading files from aminet
by default seem files are stored in progdir/downloads
but don't download anything, http resume says the file was downloaded but then the netsurf/download directory is empry ??
can you check plz

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