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thanks for finding bugs,

Originally Posted by Sandro View Post
I just tried this version it works but on readme file says it support youtube videos but it doesn't work here, is an external program required?
In readme I should mention that for yt external program - ffplay, is needed to be copied into C:.

also downloading a file it doesn't work here, there is a profile to add ??? I don't understand nothing ,why a profile is required to download a file ?
I think is far better the downloading system of 3.0 version: is working
Again bug.
From V3.3 wallget is default download manger, because it has many features and nice MUI gui.
It requires download profile. Simply copy netsurf/env/wallget folder into SYS:Prefs/Env-archive and reset.
But, if you prefer previous manager - httpresume , select it from Prefs , tab Other and choose netsurf/c/httpresume.

btw, are you Arthur?
Yes, I'm Arthur.
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