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Does anybody know which furiatune commands needs reboot before they take effect? According to my tests following should be true:

* addmem takes effect instantly (and does not survive reboot)
* ide on/off requires reboot

Not sure about maprom but I assume it requires reboot as well? It seems that reboot is required anyways to get most out of the Furia (and thus my physical 3.x roms are a bit obsolete as one could load that with maprom anyways) so any tips how to integrate commands to startup-sequence? May be obvious for Amiga gurus, but I am actually newbie, I had an Atari back then

I got this far (and it actually works):

C:furiatune >RAM:furiatune.log status
search >NIL: RAM:furiatune.log "IDESpeedup is on"
C:furiatune >NIL: ide on maprom Devs:Kickstarts/kick45061.A600 reboot
C:furiatune >NIL: addmem

But any way to optimize this, for me this seems a bit of an hack?

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