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Toni Wilen
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Beta 12:

- Dummy 68030 MMU instructions were also accidentally disabled in "generic" 680x0 core. (b11)
- AGA mode HAM6 colors were not 100% accurate. (Was fixed in b11)
- Stop with HALT10 if compatible CPU is not ticked and exception begins with SSP pointing to non-existing address space.
- Prevent programmed mode display width and height to become too small. Program doing something very stupid or crashing program can write very random values to programmable refresh rate custom registers.
- Switching Advanced chipset compatible option off and then back on does not anymore reset chipset extra back to Generic in non-quickstart mode.
- 1M/512k+512k Advanced chipset option was not reset when Advanced chipset was in compatibility mode.
- A3000 SCSI + any WD based Z2 SCSI controller: autoconfig didn't work.


Offtopic PC story: yesterday one of my GTX980 (Gigabyte Gaming G1) decided to release some magic smoke mid game, I guess something shorted and power supply shut the system down instantly. Today I tested both (SLI setup, I wasn't sure which one died, backplate hides most of the PCB), one works, another shows fire and smoke signals.. Fortunately everything else appears to be fine.
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