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Originally Posted by jizmo View Post
It's true there hasn't been too many (decent) indie games for the Amiga in the last few years. But many of us old school Amiga users had a career to attend to during the last 20 years and now that we're +-40 it seems there's again more time to put into the old miggy.

Now, if I was ever to develop anything for Amiga, I'd do it primarily for my own fun, but I can't deny it would be still good to know if some others would benefit from it as well. A well thought out Games portal could be a a good indication there some people still out there interested in downloading the thing.

In the best scenario it could even be a motivation for some of us to start the development we've postponed in the past.
It's like in the C64 scene where the old guys also start to code demos and games again. We got a similar development here. It's definitively a good chance because people like to download, play and even buy retro/indie games nowadays. Even if I don't think you can make up a living from that it's still a pretty nice benefit for yourself and the whole Amiga scene.

What also disturbs me is that again these private game projects are hidden in some threads. To have a page like you, Adrian Browne, suggested, is even nice to collect all started game projects and track their activity. With Donations, Kickstarting, Ratings, Comments. Did you start on something like that already?

We Amigans should really get more active.
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