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ACA500 tested

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Cost is one thing, stability another. As stated on a1k, stability goes down a lot if a second RAM chip is on the board. Compatibility with many CF cards breaks with the second RAM chip, so I decided not to add it to any version due to the bad reputation that the product would get.

Did my popularity go down because of that? Really, I don't care, because my popularity would have gone down much more if I had sold instable 4MB versions.

Wait for the ACA500plus. I'm about to finalize all features, and if you're a little technical, you can read a lot of the new features from the register description:


It's not a popularity contest Jen's, the fact is you lost sales by not making it a proper 4 mb design from the get go.

I know you did sell the whole run but you could have sold more by appealing to a broader audience.
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